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Pro-choice or no choice?

Unless a woman’s health is endangered, abortion is illegal in the state of Victoria. The government is about to change that. But everyone don’t agree. Last week pro-life and pro-choice organizations demonstrated outside parliament to convince the government of considering their opinions.

On their website Pro-life Victoria encourage people to contact MPs and . The organizations also list a few arguments why abortion shouldn’t be legalized.

Pro-life mean that the government only want to redefine abortion from an act of crime to a “health procedure”.”What is healthy about killing small babies and ruining their mother’s lives?”.

Dr Chris Bayly and colleagues writes in the Age about the procedure of an abortion and what legalizing it would mean to women.

A woman go through medical, physical and social consultation depending on her own condition before having an abortion. So it has been, and so will it continue being.

Legalizing it wouldn’t make abortion easier. But it would fasten the process, which means that the abortion can be made at an early stage. Although the routine of getting at least two medical opinions if the abortion is to be made after 24 weeks will remain. Sometimes will that be required even earlier in the pregnancy.

Dr Bayly says that women too often have abortions later than they need because of false information from anti-choice practitioners. As abortion can be emotionally demanding even for professionals Dr Bayly points out the importance of the part of the Bill that says women should be offered consultations with an objective health professional.

“The Women’s Hospital provides abortion service because the clinical evidence is clear that it is important for women’s health and well-being.”

Pro-Life Victoria questions what’s healthy about killing small babies and ruin their mothers’ lives. As been pointed out above an abortion is emotional and difficult to go through for everyone involved. Although in some situations that is the last resort. Why should women that’s taken the decision of having an abortion be punished even harder? Isn’t it difficult enough to know that taking care of the baby one is carrying isn’t an option?

The world is full of orphans in need of a carer. Why not focus on giving children that have already been born a descent life, instead of making life miserable for them who have chosen not to give birth to a baby they can’t take care of – and actually have the option to do so. Women in the third world usually don’t have this option. Let us start with caring about humanes that have already been brought into this world.